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Are you HERE to get THERE? Let us help you! Getting There Tours is a specialised travel agency that helps you to get from HERE to the very hot and sought after destination THERE. Sometimes getting THERE can seem impossible, but with our help you will see that it might be closer than you think…or maybe further.

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Getting There is Snæfríður's graduation performance from MA DOT, DAMU, premiered on 12.05.'23 in Prague.

Concept/Director: Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir


Devised in collaboration with Ana Nežmah, Jeries AbuJaber, Kirstine Hupfeldt Nielsen, Mariale Carranza, Yael Sophia Webster and Zuzana Suchá



Ana Nežmah 

Bella Enderlein

Eke Ao Nettan

Jeries AbuJaber

Kent Sjöström

Kirstine Hupfeldt Nielsen

Mariale Carranza

Sai Morikawa

Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir

Susana Botero Santos

Yael Sophia Webster


Dramaturgical assistance:

Zuzana Suchá

Aljoša Lovrić Krapež


Visual design and costumes: 

Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir


Visual advisor:

Rakel Andrésdóttir



Kormákur Jarl Gunnarsson


Filming and editing of video:

Nikulás Tumi Hlynsson



Sodja Zupanc Lotker 

Petra Hauerová

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